My Word 2019

There is a current trend to pick a word for the year. The word should symbolize your vision for the next season of your life. Every time you look at it you will be inspired to live your best life. I love this concept. I’m a very visual person and the idea was incredibly appealing to me. I had big plans to put my word for the year on a bracelet and wear it everyday to remind myself of the person I want to be.

As the months went by I still hadn’t chosen a word. By February I was feeling concerned and reached out to my best friend with my frustration over not being able to pick a word. She gently asked me if I had prayed about it. As a woman of faith, prayer is usually the first thing I do. I was completely embarrassed to admit I hadn’t even thought to pray about it. Fortunately that was a problem I could solve right away. After I prayed I looked at a list of inspirational words, the same list I had looked at many times before. But this time, a word jumped right off the screen at me. I knew it was my word for the year.

And I was so... dissapointed. I was hoping for something amazing like brave, bold, or beautiful. My word for this year was Consistent. Could there be a more unglamorous word?

But I knew it was the word for me. I knew there were big changes coming for me in 2019. I knew I had big dreams I was going to be pursuing, and big risks I would be taking. If I was going to have the endurance to tackle those things I was going to need to be consistent with habits in my life. I am the kind of person who runs and then crashes. This style of living wasn’t going to carry me through this new season of life. I knew I was embarking on a marathon not a sprint, and that meant some changes.

I’ll admit it’s almost the end of March and I’m still not great at being consistent. Establishing a morning routine and putting in place healthy habits for myself is a challenge. There is a piece of me that’s worried if I don’t master this skill this year, consistent might be my word for 2020. Ugh! So, with the motivation to have a new word for next year. I will strive for consistency in 2019.

What about you? Is there a word that captures your next season of life? Perhaps it’s a word of encouragement like loved, strong, enough. Or perhaps it’s a challenge for the year like discipline, healthy, or less. Comment below and share what your word for 2019.