Our Environmental Twins

First photo together.

We were supposed to take a break from being foster parents. That was the plan. I had just given birth three months ago to our fifth baby and my life was full. Then the call came. The certifier on the other end of the line said, "I know you guys are taking a break but..." There was a seven month old baby girl who needed to transition to a new foster home. Before I hung up the phone that day I said, "Yes."

That is how I became the mom of what I call "Environmental Twins." My two eight year olds are not biologically related, but they have been together since they were babies. They have no memory of life without the other. Their bond is unbreakable and unshakable. They are a daily reminder that biology isn't what makes a family.

Justus and Mercy at Preschool.

They are exactly four months apart and for most of the year they are the same age. I remember being in the grocery store when one was five and the other was still four. A stranger asked if they were twins and the older one looked right at her and said, "Not yet." I laughed understanding exactly what my child meant. They weren't twins at the moment, but they would be in a few months when her younger brother turned the same age.

Still best buddies.
Their love for each other is uncomplicated. They are brother and sister, it's that simple.